The next 10 years – Preparing our children for what’s to come

Traditionally, we roll into a new year and we are flooded with predictions of what's to come. What will the new year bring? What will the next 10 years bring? How will life change? How will the change impact us? If we only had some insight to best prepare for things to come.

In place of a psychic prediction, let me share a scientific prediction. Innovative advancements will be at the core of many future changes. The good, the bad and the ugly. The times they are a changin'.

No need to dust off the Y2K panic button. ( Yes, that was a thing...and yes, someday our young humans will laugh at us for this)

Student's of all ages will find the holographic learning tool exciting. It will provide a real life education with a holographic experience. It may also offer companionship to mentor and tutor young students. I foresee our elderly benefitting from a'Halli' companion for friendship and security. The possibilities are endless.

The momentum of new medical advancements will make our current methods of practice seem archaic. Sensors will monitor data and alert us to our health needs. The gathering of long term data will offer a record of any adjustments that are needed.

The exponential advancements such as artificial intelligence, drones, holograms, and new energy sources offers many benefits. There will be huge progress that will enable clean water and light for those on our planet that are without. To think that when some of us look forward to the flying cars, there are others who can look forward to the basic need of clean water. Our division should be measured in light years rather than miles.

Something to consider before choosing the design for your fancy flying car is that every single industry where technology is a part of will be disrupted in a big way.

As artificial intelligence (AI) makes strides to comfort us with convenience and efficiency, it will impact many facets of our life. The economic advantages for companies to use AI will detour their staffing needs. The jobs that are currently providing for families to live on will soon fade away. Drones may soon replace the pizza delivery guy, and eventually the truck driver. Current use of robotic technology is perpetually changing the field of manufacturing and impacting the job skills that are required. Chatbots will provide an online friendship, as well as act as your bank teller, insurance agent, florist, doctor, tutor, and therapist.

Design, development and innovative thinking will be of premium value while traditional vocational needs will be of less demand. Our human capabilities and current vocational skills are insignificant as AI gains momentum as an optimum employee solution.

Additional consequences to the new wave of technical changes may lead to new prejudice to AI and all facets of technology. The current rebellion of undocumented or outsourced employees that spark social backlash, is just a glimpse of what may take place as jobs are lost and replaced with AI's.

It is unsettling, but being aware of what's ahead can determine the life skills that you will need to prepare your child with for pending developments.

With indications of our global changes it is necessary to encourage our children to become limitless learners. This in itself will leverage their adaptability and economic value. An inquisitive and creative nature coupled with determination will be of great value in the not so distant future.

We are quite fortunate to have insight to the gifts and challenges that our children may endure. This allows us to have a unique perspective as we guide our children along their path.

How to prepare our children for life in 2027

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