My new best friend that I haven’t met-John St Julien Baba Wanyama

My new best friends!! Kids make my heart happy! They refresh my spirit and add a colorful perspective on the things my aged vision could easily overlook. Recently, I sat in on a group of students who delivered a genuine welcome to newcomer's with a cheerfully loud, group declaration of welcomed friendship. It went like this...

"Now that we have met you, you are our NEW BEST FRIEND best"!!

It is my pleasure to introduce you to my NEW BEST FRIENDS :John St Julien Baba Wanyama, and his wife Fritzie.

Not too long ago I came across a youtube channel that was unlike any other. I am surrounded with simple inspirational stuff and I imagine this is why the video came across my feed. I figured I would give it go and I am so glad I did.

I randomly selected a few videos. I followed some of Johns spiritual musings and found an unexpected connection. The videos also include the life changing work that they are doing in Tanzania. I was cautiously optimistic, my life experience has tainted any possibility of instant enthusiasm. If you know me, it won't surprise you that i jumped into investigative, research mode, and I dug in deep. I was going to find the REAL dirt on all of his good work. You know what I found? He's legit! He walks the walk. He is human, authentic, and is actively sharing an abundance of love and light.

John's backstory is intriguing, as he reveals a life filled of partying and instant gratification, he finds himself immersed with an unexpected calling. What came next was going to make a difference in hundreds of lives.

It was about 6 years ago, after a night of excessive partying, John settled in and began to watch a late night infomercial that featured the inhumane treatment of the children in Tanzania. It was raw, disturbing, and heart wrenching. The daily torment the children face beyond comprehension, and required answers to very difficult questions.

John did more than find answers to difficult questions like,'How can this be happening? Why doesn't somebody do something'? In search of answers, and with hopes of a remedy, John left his home in the UK and traveled to a village in Tanzania, called Uchira. Over time and with extraordinary compassion, he is now the full time guardian of over 100 children with special needs. His foundation provides support to hundreds or more in the surrounding community. With the help of online community support, coupled with the support within the Tanzanian community, a safe and nurturing environment began to flourish. Local labor, and eco-friendly design created sustainable dwellings, food and medical care for single mothers and their children. They live with the protection of the Massia Warriors who secure the village and accompany outside travel when needed. With their assistance, John has rescued disabled, albino, and street children who would otherwise face a dismal and dangerous future.

And, if your eyebrow raises because of his incredibly unique name,' John St Julien Baba Wanyama'.

You can rest assured that it has no underlying cult connection linked to the 'Baba Wanyama' name. In one of the videos' he mentions that John St Julien, is his given name from birth. Baba Wanyama, was a title he was given by the locals as they recognized his efforts to rescue the wild and sick dogs in the area, providing the dogs with food, shelter and medication.

Baba Wanyama translates to 'Dog Father'.

How cool is that?

I hope sharing his video will offer value in your own purposeful path, or possibly provide a simple inspirational boost.

This particular video sheds light on his feeling of desperation and doubt, that offers reaffirmation in Faith. Prior to this video, the village was in a midst of potential crisis. Outreach and medical transport were at risk when the only two vehicles in the village were in a state of disrepair. This opened the village to substantial risk. The harmful potential weighed heavy on John. He turned to his followers for support. His call for help led to valuable lessons about Faith.

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A Miracle : John St. Julian God has Faith in us

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