Homeschooling – find your state guidelines here

Homeschooling - find your state guidelines

A direct focus on this site is to promote limitless learning. There are a variety of circumstances that may lead you to explore educational solutions outside of the current school system. For many students and families, home based education is a viable option. Some find this learning alternative to create growth and development for the entire family. Many states offer an online public school option for students to meet standard requirements from a home based setting. If you think your child is best served without this school based partnership, and are considering an in home setting, there are state requirements that you should be aware of. Each states criteria varies. CRHE site has valuable information for your specific state.

Your state homeschooling policies can be found at the link below...

>> Current Homeschool State Guidelines

Please note.. we are not affiliated with the CRHE . And yes, marketers would cringe to think we are sending our 'traffic' to another site to fit the needs of our user's. The truth is, we are glad to find a 'no strings attached' resource that allows easy access and qualified answers to your homeschooling questions.

* We can not overlook the fact that many children thrive in a traditional school settings. We honor the teachers that light their path of discovery.

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