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Plogging – Jogging with an additional purpose

Plogging – Jogging with an additional purpose. This new jogging trend benefits the participant, and the community. Organized jogging meetup’s[...]

All schools should do this!

Congratulations to Southmont High School Graduates class 2018. This is an epitome of a simple inspiration moment. Only positive things[...]

DIY Pothole repair – Open Source Roads

See something that needs to be fixed? Well, you can always do what Mike Warren, from Indianapolis, Indiana did. After[...]

Homeschooling – find your state guidelines here

A direct focus on this site is to promote limitless learning. There are a variety of circumstances that may lead[...]

Dream Squashing in our Factory Model Education system

The current factory model school system may be a hampering your child’s creative growth. This won’t come surprising to many[...]
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