Dream Squashing in our Factory Model Education system

The current factory model school system may be a hampering your child’s creative growth. This won’t come surprising to many of you. You may be actively providing a balance to ensure your student does not experience the effects of ‘Dream Squashing’.

The North American school system is based on the Prussian Education academic method. The standards, structure and housing are defined by the term Factory model schools. Most do not provide a stimulating environment that enhances a child’s natural desire for exploration. The industrial design does not promote limitless learning. An innate love of learning becomes a stressful goal of meeting standardized scores.

The top down management, teacher pay structure and quality of the facility are some of the aspects to the cookie cutter template. Not surprising, the funding is performance based, and conforming to ‘acceptable’ thinking standards is rewarded. The imagination, and zest for discovery as a 5 year old enters school declines significantly over his academic career.

These changes had not been measured until NASA implemented this study. The results are discussed in the lecture given by George Land at TedxTucson.

Creativity declines with age. These are the results from the NASA based testing.

Test results amongst 5 year olds: 98%
Test results amongst 10 year olds: 30%
Test results amongst 15 year olds: 12%
Same test given to 280,000 adults: 2%

Interesting video from TedxTucson.

parenting in rewind…something to consider

As adults we can easily find our experienced and practical side as a first response to a child’s infinite imagination. From our experience we may already know if something is too heavy, un-affordable, or has failed before, but how harmful is it to jump on board your child’s innovative dream ship?


And yes…we have a link to the creative assessment so give it a try!! Let us know your results! It will be fun!


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