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DYI Pothole guy

See something that needs to be fixed? Well, you can always do what Mike Warren, from Indianapolis, Indiana did. After seeing the growing number of potholes take over his neighborhood streets , Mike, grabbed a backpack of asphalt and jumped on his bicycle to remedy the issue.

This never ending winter has played havoc on the roads, opening a stage for a pattern of clever pothole modifications. Still an obstacle, but much more tolerable when the hole becomes home to a blooming rosebush. Many holes became the inspiration for street artist, including painted arrows that formed a clever dot to dot impression. Undeniably, a source of shared humor to lighten our commuting frustration's.

Mike Warren says he was fed up with the bumpy roads, so four months ago he decided to take matters into his own hands.

"The government is not doing it, why don't I try to do it," Warren said.
So he went to the store, bought a few bags of asphalt, and got busy. He now calls the movement "Open Source Roads." He's spent $500 and filled about 50 potholes in the past four months.

"I fixed a pothole way better than what the city would have done," Warren said.



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