Artificial Intelligence in 2027 - Information to consider for student preparation

Design, development and innovative thinking will be of premium value while traditional vocational needs will be of less demand. Our human capabilities and current vocational skills are insignificant as A.I. gains momentum as an optimum employee solution. [Learn more]

Dream Squashing - Why it's important to nurture creative thinking

The imagination, and zest for discovery as a 5 year old enters school declines significantly over his academic career. The current factory model         school system may be a hampering your child’s creative growth.                      [Learn more]

Community Involvement - Positive and rewarding benefits
Individuals, and families who share their time to make good things even better, are creating a positive momentum and good memories.  Neighbors, who share time and talent are what fuels a healthy and joyful community. [Learn more] 
Divinely Diverse - Ideologies and beliefs from around the planet
We openly encourage and offer a respectful understanding that to be unified as Beings, we do not need to have identical beliefs, thoughts, or customs. We hope to feature a glance at various beliefs, traditions, and cultures. 

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Inspiration - An Inspirational Formula
Similar to the pattern discovered with universal energy, inspiration may derive from either a negative or positive source. Secondly, inspiration does not waiver in its positive continuum unless otherwise influenced. 

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Vibrational Energies - Our elemental frequency
All living beings are participants of natural harmonic frequency of the Earth. T Schumann resonance theory is based on universal frequencies and is built upon the same principles of Nikola Tesla’s electromagnetic understanding of the universe.

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Carl Sagan – “We are a way for the Cosmos to know itself”

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